Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I earn from CashnClicks?

There are many different ways to earn:


1) OFFER WALLS - Our offer walls pay one of the highest rates in the industry.

You simply fill out the surveys, complete different tasks, watch videos, visit websites or shortlinks, and get instantly paid for it!


2) ADVERTISEMENTS - Very simple, just open an advertisement on the "View Ads" page, keep it open until the timer finishes, fill the captcha and you get credited!

Also, you need to view 4 advertisements daily to earn your referral commission.


3) UPGRADE ACCOUNT - Upgrading your account have many different benefits, for example, you can refer more or buy direct referrals, your direct referral commission is much higher, and you can withdraw more often!

"Premium" membership has more benefits as the "Basic" membership. You will get more than 0.04€ per your clicks every day!


4) DIRECT REFERRALS - Direct referrals are the ones you do not need to rent, but keep forever! You can get referrals by sharing your referral link, advertising our banners or buying directly from site!

You earn a direct referral commission every time your referral views Advertisements, completes Offers&Surveys, Upgrades an account or buys Advertising!

"Basic" members can have up to 50 direct referrals, "Premium" members can have up to 200 (Premium x30 and x90) and 400 (Premium x180 and x360) direct referrals.


5) CONTESTS - We have some contest(s) running every few months!


We continue working on new ways to earn all the time, will continue updating the list once we add something new!

2. Can other people in my household join as well?


We allow only 1 account per household / IP / Computer.

If there's more than 1 account, our system will ban both accounts automatically.

3. What is your minimum payout?

The minimum payout for "Basic" members is increased up to 0.20€ since 0.05€:

First payment: 0.05€.

Second payment: 0.10€.

Third payment: 0.20€.


For "Premium" members the minimum payout is 0.05€ and not increase.

4. Which payment processors you use?

We use Paypal and Payeer like integrated methodes, but in our forum you can see more payment processors for do manually if you need other alternative.

5. Do you have any withdrawal rules?

There are no withdrawal rules!


Your payment processor does not have to be verified.

We have no ROI% rule.

No cashout points.

You can use different payment processors for Deposits/Withdrawals.

6. My withdrawal was refunded back to my balance?

Make sure your payment address is correct!


Payeer: P1234567

PayPal: email address


Withdrawal with PayPal is only for members of EU.

7. I cannot see any ads on View Ads page

You need to disable all adblocking plugins/software for

8. Vacation Mode

With this mode you can continue earning from your referrals when you're offline during weeks or months.

  • You'll continue earning for referral clicks without needed of you do clicks daily.
  • You'll continue receiving purchase comission of your referrals.

Example of user with 40 active referrals:

If you purchase Vacation Mode of 30 days you'll get more of 3€ for total referral clicks, and if one or severals referrals do purchase you'll get the comission you'll get more. Then invest is recovered and the possibility of benefits is high.

You can found this option in the menu of your account dashboard.

Calcule done for me:
1 referral active generate 0.0025€ daily.
40 refs. generate 0.10€ daily.
0.10€/day * 30 (a month) = 3€
But it's the minimum, because is the minimum number the ads in our site, there's more ads habitually.

3€ + purchase comission.

Vacation Mode is profit for members with more of 40 referrals (or less if they do purchases).
With more of 40 refs. you'll get benefits secured.

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