cashnlinks #1
Posted on 3:27 am 02/02/2020
but how does this new site work, I signed up yesterday but I didn't understand where to click
Re: cashnlinks #2
Posted on 6:15 pm 02/10/2020
Hello, Piccola,

Cashn Group is an idea that I'm working and add new features.
CashnClicks is this site ptc, part of Cashn Group.
CashnLinks is a forum about earnings online and more info, part of Cashn Group.
Cashn468 is a theme where I promote it with credits in Traffic Exchange sites, also in CashnClicks. In Cashn468 you can found good sites really, it's the idea.

With pass of time I will be put new features, but at the moment it's all.

I hoppe your doubt is solved now.
Thank you.
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Re: cashnlinks #3
Posted on 1:29 am 02/21/2020
Mi a francnak kell annyi ellenőrzés? Még a belépésnél rendben van, de az alap 14 kattintáshoz minek 3 alkalommal ellenőrizni valóban nem gép vagyok? Ez így eléggé siralmas. Egyszerűen amikor belépés van, ott van ellenőrzés de a többi az minek van?
Re: cashnlinks #4
Posted on 3:16 pm 02/22/2020

Sorry, Spiritem, I don't speak magyar. Do you can repeat your question or english?
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Re: cashnlinks #5
Posted on 1:05 am 02/23/2020
Why so much control? Entry is still ok, but why don't I actually check my machine 3 times for the basic 14 clicks? This is pretty sad. Just why is entry control not enough? It is also unnecessary to load this page.
Re: cashnlinks #6
Posted on 10:29 am 02/24/2020
Hello again,

Yes, its not a number, its a %, I mean, if I put 25% control, each 4 ads (if it is more of 5 minutes) you will see other control check.
For example we have 100 ads, this would be 1 check each 25 ads...

I pick up your suggestion, Spiritem, thank you.
Last edited by adclick on 10:30 am 02/24/2020
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