need some help #1
Posted on 4:08 am 03/08/2020

I run into a problem kind of self made lol.
I wanted to upgrade to silver but didn't think about that this site use euros so I had to convert usd to eur (perfectmoney). So I converted 3.5 usd to eur and got 3.03 eur for it.
Thinking I can now upgrade I didn't see the fees so I needed 3.05 eur. Now the dilemma is in perfectmoney you can only convert a whole dollar which I don't have. Next step was trying to cashout 0.05 via perfectmoney but when putting in the account number it says it wants an email address.
Could you please check into the prrfectmoney settings because perfectmoney does not use email address.

Thank you so much
Re: need some help #2
Posted on 10:04 am 03/08/2020
Hello, Coiner,

I have saw users that them request via perfect money (ID and email) then I think it's fine.

With Perfect Money is possible receive money by email, don't worry for it, if you request via Perfect Money with your email (of Perfect Money) it must are ok.
It's a doubt that I must contact with support of script and it can are severals days, but I think isnt problem here.

I saw users request via Perfect Money with email or ID user, and also ID + email in the same request.

Can you try request? I will do payouts just now, (I do payouts each weekend normally).
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Re: need some help #3
Posted on 12:42 pm 03/08/2020
Oh you are right it takes email too
I had no idea about that. Only saw all these account numbers.

Thank you for helping me with the mess I created my self.

Guess have to check more into perfectmoney

Thanks again

Re: need some help #4
Posted on 2:47 pm 03/08/2020
Don't worry, Coiner, it's a pleasure for me to help you.
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Re: need some help #5
Posted on 9:43 am 03/14/2020
nice to see that the admin helps solve the problems users of the site
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